15 Vietnamese Dishes Nominated As Asian Records

Pho (noodle), cha ca La Vong (fried fish), bun cha Hanoi (vermicelli and grilled chopped meat), banh da cua Haiphong (rice pancake with crab soup) … are among Vietnamese cuisines that are nominated as Asian records.
The list of nominees include:
Bun cha,
Cha ca La Vong,
bun thang Hanoi (vermicelli and chicken soup),
banh da cua Haiphong,
com chay Ninh Binh (rice crust),
mien luon Nghe An (vermicelli with eel soup),
bun bo Hue (vermicelli and beef),
mi Quang (noodle),
pho kho Gia Lai (dry noodle),
banhcanh Trang Bang (rice spaghetti),
banh khot Vung Tau (rice cake with shrimp),
goi cuon (summer roll),
com tam Saigon (cooked broken rice with grilled pork)
and banh cong Soc Trang (rice and green bean cake with shrimp).
The list will be sent to the Asian Record Organization for consideration in September.
The Vietnam Record Book Center (Vietkings) has made the list after making surveys of hundreds of cuisines throughout the country and cuisines in 57 Asian countries.Out of 57 Asian countries and territories, Vietnam is praised to have a unique and diversified culinary culture.

Philip Kotler, the founder of modern marketing, suggested that why doesn’t Vietnam try to be called “the world’s kitchen,” while China has become “the world’s factory” and India has become “the world’s office.”
Gastronomy is a significant factor to attract foreign tourists to Vietnam. So far this year, Vietkings has implemented a campaign to advertise Vietnamese gastronomy and specialties through seeking regional and world records for Vietnamese cuisines.